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Settle into a new home under the blue skies and beautiful sun

of the Aegean region; surrounded by nature and in close proximity to the sea.

Aegean Retreats offers private, fully furnished accommodation for short or long term stays that you can call home, whether you are a digital nomad, a half tourist, or simply looking for a holiday.

Our locations are hand-picked to offer the perfect balance between convenience and charm, offering you all the amenities you need to live like a local while exploring like a tourist. From city apartments at the heart of the urban hustle and bustle, to off the beaten track stone cottages and quaint terraced houses, Aegean Retreat offers homes for everyone.


Equipped with strong internet access and desks for working remotely, our idyllic locations with enviable, instagram worthy views provide the perfect setting for relaxing as well as opportunities to explore culture and historical sights for the more adventurous.



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All our accommodation is equipped with high speed internet access, enjoy plenty of sunlight and views of the outdoors, with tables suited to create the ideal work space.

In our digitally connected world with the coronavirus pandemic forcing employees to work from home, remote working has become the norm. We understand the significance of steady internet access, good coffee machines and plenty of space to create a comfortable home office whether it be outdoors from your private terrace or the quiet of the indoors with views that drive productivity and inspire creativity.


Each listing for our homes includes details on its home office facilities.




Soak up the panoramic views of nature and enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your home and its private terrace, garden or balcony  as you welcome the morning sunrise with yoga,  or end the day watching the sunset over an al fresco dining experience.

The Aegean climate enjoys four seasons with beautiful winter sun and little rain - giving you the chance to rest and relax in the outdoors spaces of our unique locations anytime of the year.


Lounge on the sandy beaches and dive in the crystal clear waters well into the month of October.

During the winter months, opt for a leisurely stroll along the Bosphorus canal or scenic hiking trails, all available at your doorstep.  From thermal spas to art galleries, there's no shortage of activities to help you rest and rejuvanate.





From ancient Greek ruins in Ephesus to Byzantine architecture of Haghia Sophia in Istanbul, our accommodation is in easy reach of sightseeing opportunities appealing to history and culture

enthusiasts alike.

Discover the local cuisine from street vendors in the safety of the open air or using our home made, contact free food services. Guests looking to live like a true local can also visit the local market to cook their own locally inspired dishes from the fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette of their new home.

With its versatile climate and nation of foodies, every season in Turkey is an occasion to sample delicacies and discover the production of regional specialties such as grape and other fruit wines, olive oil and pomegranate syrup.

Get inspired for more activity ideas from our bespoke guide.



While Bali, the Bahamas or Barbados might be top of your wish list for a much-needed escape or remote work destination, travel and visa requirements may pose challenges. At a time when travel restrictions keep changing, staying closer to home and spending less on travel may offer stronger appeal.

Straddling both Europe and Asia, Turkey is in a central location easily accessible from most regions. The country is well connected in terms of air travel, and visas can easily purchased at the border for a low cost of €20 - €50 depending on nationality.

Find out more about your travel and onward journey options as well as other practical information on how get by like a local and maximise the comfort of your stay

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