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Vehicle hire is a must for this rural escape with the closest grocery shop to the village a 10-minute drive away. You can use Google Maps for driving directions although Yandex tends to be more reliable for smaller towns and off the beaten path destinations.

Hire a sturdy vehicle at your inbound airport. Balikesir (EDO) domestic airport is closest to the village just an hour’s drive away, international travellers will need to transfer at Izmir AD or Istanbul IST airports to reach it. Driving directly from IST or ADB airports will take approximately 4.5 and 5.5 hours respectively.



Where:  Sogutlu village

What: Relaxation, arts & culture, exercise

We love: Hiking, arts and crafts with the locals, swimming at the pool

Located in the hills, the small village of stone houses is surrounded by nature and boasts numerous scenic hiking and walking trails to invigorate the body and mind. Wake up to the crowing of cockerels and melodic ringing of sheep bells as you begin the day with yoga from your private balcony or a swim in our exclusive swimming pool. 


The small settlement is extremely hospitable, with villagers selling neighbours their organic eggs or walnuts likely to be followed by an invite to visit their orchard or join them for a big breakfast consisting of all their own produce.


During the summer, there is also a diverse group of city dwellers who hold events from art workshops to film nights that guests would be more than welcome to join.

Assos harbour.jpeg


Where: Assos (also known as Behramkale or Behram)

What: Sightseeing, culture, eating, shopping

We love: Ancient ruins of Assos, Mavi Kapi cafe, Assos harbour

Located in the hills with expansive views of the meadows and turquoise sea beyond it featuring the island of Lesbos, Assos is a historic port town best known for its acropolis with archeological ruins of the Doric Temple and Hellenic Theatre.


Begin by wandering the old town’s cobbled streets surrounded by charming stone houses converted into boutique hotels and artisan shops. Stop by Mavi Kapi café for a leisurely lunch of fresh mezze and beautifully cooked meat or fish served in a private courtyard with views.


Explore the ancient acropolis during sundown to enjoy the scenery from above encompassing the vibrant Assos marina. Then antique marina is best enjoyed in the evening over an aperitif or sophisticated seafood meal at one of the many coastal restaurants - pricey yet well worth it for the ambience.


Where: Troy (Tevfikiye village)

What:  Culture, sightseeing

We love: Ancient site of Troy, Troy museum

Just a 45-minute drive from Sogultu village lies the world-renowned archaeological site of Troy.


Go back in time as you stroll through ancient ruins and visit the on-site museum that brings the fascinating history to life. Dating back over 5,000 years, the ancient city is formed of seven levels built upon one another.


History buffs will enjoy exploring the progress of history with each level of the Greek and Roman ruins. Others may prefer to visit the ancient ruins with a guide or first visit the museum to provide context to the complex history and archaeological structures. The award winning museum is guaranteed to please all visitors with its attractive architecture and clear, engaging narrative illustrated by countless artefacts from statues to weaponry.


Where: The Antique Roman way

What: Exercise, culture, sightseeing

We love: Apollon Smintheus, Alexandria Troas, hiking the "Toy Culture Route"

The Antique Roman way stretching from Troy all the way to Assos has recently been cultivated as a series of hiking trails of archaeological and historical significance. The ancient 35 km road was used as a ceremonial route that features some incredible historic structures and sites from ancient roman bridges to roman bath ruins dating back to 700 BC.


Discover the invigorating landscape possessing fantastic views with a staggering choice of trails amounting to 120km.


We recommend passing through the areological sites of Apollon Smintheus and Alexandra Troas. The prehistoric settlement of Apollon Smintheon is ticketed while the ancient port city ruins of Alexndria Troas nestled in nature is free of charge. An exclusive visit to these ancient sites is also well worth the trip. 

Antique columns.jpeg
Kozlu bay.png


Where: Buyukhusun and Kozlu bay, Kuckkuyu marina

What: Relaxation, exercise, eating

We love: Troas beach hotel, Samata camping and restaurant, Yengec restaurant

The region offers a fantastic choice of beaches with Buyukhusun, Kozlu and Kadirga bays being just a 30-minute drive from Sogutlu village. Buyukhusun and Kozlu bay are known for their unpsoilt pebbly shoreline boasting sparkling, clear waters. The bays are lined with a handful of family-owned beach restaurants and motels offering beach access with sun loungers, hammocks and showering facilities. The modest Troas motel is open year-round, offering beach enthusiasts an intimate jetty and local Turkish food well into the month of October.

Those desperate for sandy shores may travel a little further to Akliman bay off Babakale town known for housing the last castle erected by the Ottomans. In the evening, head over to bustling Kucukkuyu marina for a delicious fish and mezze dinner with sea views and late-night stroll.

Mount Ida rivers.png


Where: Mount Ida (Kaz mountains)

What: Exercise, sightseeing, eating, relaxing

We love: Sandire Canyon, Mount Ida National Park

Mount Ida, formerly known as the Land of Troy, is the famous mountains where many ancient Greek myths and legends take place. In our current day, the mountain is revered for its spectacular nature that enjoys some of the highest oxygen levels in the world.


The area rich with canyons and rivers is perfect for hiking and picnics.

Sahindere canyon just 50 minutes away is perfect for immersing oneself in the wilderness.

Adventure seekers may choose to venture out to Mount Ida National Park 1774 metres high. The 1.5 hour drive including a dirt road off Edremit bay is best travelled with a sturdy vehicle. Head over to the rivers for an invigorating swim, chestnut picking depending on the season, or siting back and soaking up the beautiful natural surroundings.

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