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We highly recommend hiring a vehicle for guests looking to explore the area beyond Sirince village and Selcuk town. You can use Google Maps for driving directions although Yandex tends to be more reliable for smaller towns and off the beaten path destinations.

Hire a vehicle at your inbound airport or those arriving at Izmir ADB airport can take the train heading to Selcuk from which they can reach Sirince village by taxi or minibus. For short stays you could get by with a combination of carefully arranged taxi services and public transport including minibus and train. Timetables for public transport vary so its best to check with us or other locals before making plans.

Sirince streets.JPG


Where:  Sirince village

What: Sightseeing, shopping, eating

We love: The guided horse riding tour,  Open air market, Uzum cafe, Archipel Restaurant

Ride an open tractor or ride a horse accompanied by a guide; travel through olive groves and watch the sunset from the hills as you take you soak up views and sites of Ephesus and the sea beyond.


Visit the charming open-air market situated at the heart of the village, explore the street stalls with items to please shoppers of all interests including local linens, crafts and organic local produce from pomegranate vinegar to Sirince’s famous sweet fruit wine.


Enjoy an intimate meal or indulgent coffee break at one of the charming village eateries as you take in the village atmosphere. Head over to Archipel Restaurant to liven up your Saturday evening over a delicious meal accompanied by live music.

Ephesus Library.jpeg


Where: The ancient city of Ephesus

What: Sightseeing, exercise

We love: Library of Celsus, Terrace Houses, Temple of Hadrian, Grand Theatre

Considered one of the best-preserved ancient cities, Ephesus is just a 15 minute drive from Sirince Terrace Houses. Explore the historic site boasting the largest collection of archaeological remains in the eastern Mediterranean including temples, theatres and libraires.


Grab your ticket for Terrace Houses  to get a feel for the everyday lives of the wealthy Roman residents. For those who wants to do the UNESCO World Heritage Site justice, we recommend arriving as early as 8 am during the summer months in order to avoid the crowds and blazing midday sun.


Start your journey from the lower car park where you can find a horse-drawn carriage to take you to the top entrance so you can walk back down to where you began.


Where: Town of Tire

What: Shopping, culture, eating

We love: Tuesday market, GastroTire restaurant, Carvansaray felt making worksop

Largely overlooked, Tire is an intriguing town well worth visiting for its famous market on Tuesdays. As you approach the colourful town, look out for the gypsies selling beautiful wooden baskets in all shapes and sizes.


Wander the buzzing market streets filled with tradesman selling handmade saddles and donkey harnesses as you make your way to the caravansaray (early form of guesthouse) hidden behind timeworn doors. Here, take part in a creative workshop on making felt carpets in an assortment of original patterns. The less crafty may prefer to make a felt purchase directly from the town shops that also sell slippers and seat covers.


Finish your visit with some local grub and beautiful hillside views at Kaplan Dag or GastroTire restaurants by taking a short 5-minute walk from the town centre.

Market Tire.JPG


Where: Pamucak beach & Davutlar National Park

What: Exercise, relaxation, eating

We love: Dereli Motel bay (Pamucak beach),  hiking at Davutlar National Park.

Known for its long bay and golden sand, Pamucak beach is a quick 20 minute drive from Terrace Houses. Rather than the visiting the public beach we recommend Dereli Motel’s private bay fringed with palm trees. From a beach restaurant to showers and toilets, the motel offers all the necessary facilities for a relaxing day out.


Davutlar National Park is also a popular swimming spot for its shallow turquoise sea and wide choice of restaurants. It's a 45-minute drive but well worth the trip with its striking landscape offering 7 beaches and a scenic hike up a canyon best enjoyed during cooler weather. Go early to grab a free sun lounger and umbrella facing the clear turquoise sea with a backdrop of pine clad mountains as you watch the innocent wild boar wander the beach. Sadly the park closes promptly at 7pm so make evening plans elsewhere.

Pamucak beach, 20 minutes....jpg
Camlik - Can Dokuma Atolyesi.JPG


Where: Town of Camlik

What: Arts & culture, shopping, eating

We love: Can carpet's made to order carpets and complimentary breakfast feast

Whether you are looking to buy a carpet or not, Can Carpet atelier is lovely spot to visit for a culture, art and culinary fix. Take the atelier tour and find out about the antique Ottoman and local Selcuk designs as you witness the spinning of wool, natural dyeing process, and carpets being hand woven.

Book a morning tour to begin your session by indulging in a lavish Turkish breakfast spread free of charge and hosted by the proud owner Osman Can.


The atelier is unique for its artisan, made to order carpets, where customers can select their desired colours and patterns. Those looking for a vintage purchase or instant gratification can browse the carpet shop filled with antique kilims, rugs and carpets descending from all over the country.

Camels wrestle.jpeg


Where: Selcuk

What: Culture

We love: Selcuk Ephesus Camel Wrestling Festival

While tourists may frequent Turkey’s Aegean coast for its ancient sites and clear seas, camel fanciers across the nation flock to the region to partake in the age-old Turkic tradition of camel wrestling.  Dating back thousands of years, the regional sport primarily attracts spectators from a lineage of camel owners. Located close to Ephesus, the competitions in Selcuk take place in the second or third week of January with festival running from December to April.


Don’t miss out on the weird and wonderful pre-game beauty pageant featuring garishly accessorised camels taking place one day ahead of wrestling. On game day, watch the five-minute wrestling sessions over a seared camel sausage or an Efes beer in a roaring stadium of singing gypsies, hooting spectators, blowing whistles, and jingling camel bells.

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