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Are you a digital nomad looking to relocate, looking for a chance to explore something a little different or simply in need of a restful break?

Before you decide to embark on your adventure, take a quick look at our list of practical information to ensure your new lifestyle fits your travel purposes.




What's on the clock?

Check the time difference to make sure working remotely or keeping in contact with your loved ones is no hardship.


GMT+2 summertime

GMT+3 wintertime while daylight saving is observed.

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Value for money

Affordable prices where hard currencies can buy you a lot more than you think, check out live rates here.

Goods and services cost you just a fraction of what you pay in Europe, or at famous holiday spots like the Bahamas.

Connectivity & Office

For remote workers

All our accommodation is either equipped with high speed wi-fi or can be fitted with a high-speed mobile router upon request.


Please contact us in advance regarding your home office needs so we can ensure others details such as work surfaces and seating are available.

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Air travel & Visas


Turkey, an important global aviation hub, offers convenient access for most travellers due to its geographical location that connects several continents.


Visas can easily pre-purchased online or at the border for a low cost of €20 - €50 depending on nationality.

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Getting Around

Travelling in Style

Hire a car from your inbound airport or a motorbike upon your arrival at your new home. Foreigners need simply to provide their driver’s license and passport, giving them 6-months allowance to drive in the country. 

Our countryside locations are nestled among close knit communities where you can have a comfortable stay travelling on foot, by bike, or using local transport. Vehicle hire will be essential for those looking to frequent the beach or explore the culture and history of the wider region.


Money Transactions

Spend like a local

With digital banking services including Revolut, Monzo, and Transferwise – you can avoid extortionate exchange fees and the inconvenience of scouting an exchange bureau.

Apply online and receive your physical card in a few days or set up an ewallet on your smartphone within a matter of hours. You can then send money to your new account, convert your currency to Turkish Lira (TRY) at low currency exchange fees and make purchases at a low or no extra cost.

Assistance & Advice 

In good hands

Your hosts live in Turkey but are native or fluent English speakers and are more than happy to help with any advice or recommendations. Prior to or upon your arrival,  feel free to contact us.

It’s up to you if you want to learn a bit of the local language or would rather sit back and relax and let them take care of your needs.


To get you started, take a look at this list of words worth having under your belt.

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Contact & Hassle Free

Dining and Check in

For a safe and smooth arrival, we give you the choice of self check in and contact free meal services.

Whether its for your arrival or the duration of your stay, some of our locations offer home cooked food brought straight to your door.  Chat to us about your food preferences and we can prepare delicious local dishes or other world cuisine that offers you the comfort of familiarity.

Please let us know in advance about either of these arrangements.

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