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This small family run business draws on our experience of living in Turkey, we have selected some of the most beautiful places to restore and renovate unique accommodation and to preserve it for all time.

We aim to provide you with a home, whether that be stone cottages with private gardens or a modern apartment with unrivaled views.   We have one base in the South Aegean and another in the northern Aegean both offering glimpses into the rich rural culture of the area and relaxation areas overlooking pristine countryside . In the South there is easy access to Ephesus and in the North to Troy, possibly the 2 most famous ancient sites and award winning museums in Turkey. Our bolt hole in Istanbul keeps you in the city but gives you a birds eye view of the Bosphorus.

Comfort is a priority. There is plenty of space so that guests can find a cozy corner for reading or working or socializing.  On the edge of the village, one on a hillside overlooking the historic houses to the olive groves beyond and the other in a valley surrounded by giant oak trees and grazing sheep. Both destinations offer you a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of an Aegean summer. The sea is close by or on your doorstep.

Our final offering is a unique Studio apartment in Istanbul with stunning views of the Bosphorus from 3 huge picture windows. Well connected by bus and ferry to many sites in Istanbul you can walk beside this famous waterway or use it as a way to see the city and avoid the traffic .K

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POOL HOUSE  *northern Aegean

Offers our guests 50 sq mts shaded terrace overlooking the pool and the countryside beyond.  Inside is a shared kitchen which offers pool side breakfasts and lunchtime snacks on a daily basis during the summer months.

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