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Getting Around

Turkish folk are well known for their warm hospitality and are especially accommodating in smaller communities. In the city, you will be surprised that despite the beautiful chaos, locals will be more than willing to assist you - always finding a way to communicate be it via body language or their smartphone should language barriers exist.


As you embark on adventures from your new base in Turkey, you are more than likely to have a smooth experience with the help of a few new friends along the way. Our small team of native and fluent English speakers are also happy to help and provide activity recommendations.


Let's begin with

Turkish Breakfast

Turkish breakfast is a serious event starting with delicious eggs dishes like ‘menemen’; Turkish spicy sausage ‘sucuk’, accompied with local cheeses, nutty tahini sweetened with syrupy molasses all teamed with Turkish pastries galore. Savoury Turkish staples including 'açma' and 'pogaça', as well as the classic simit - a sesame bagel shaped bread.

Large food spreads, especially breakfast is a favourite weekend past time where such feasts can extend for hours into the afternoon with steamy Turkish tea on the go and bold Turkish coffee to complete the ritual.


City apartments guests have an abundance of choice including in the immediate district featuring all day breakfast joints with Bosphorus views, try the wallet friendly Kale restaurant renowned for its simple yet filling breakfast selection situated right below our apartments and is guaranteed to keep you charged for a busy day of exploration.


Booking for our Terrace Houses in Sirince include an al fresco brunch experience with views of the village, while those in Sogutlu Stone Cottages might choose to get the full local experience at the modest homes of the hospitable villagers eager to welcome any “yabanci” foreigners by feeding them a truly organic medley including home-made butter and bread, as well as eggs and fresh veg direct from their farms.

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